Listing Agent needed for Baltimore, MD.

Baltimore, MD l Beb Pollock l Looking for a listing agent in Baltimore, MD.

Please email me at  Thanks

Sound Like You?

Tomorrow you’re going to hear some success stories from people who have worked with us, But first I wanted to share this with you. When I asked Darin who the ideal person is for “The Course” Here’s what he said: You are doing Under $10,000,000 You don’t want to worry about how to hire and […]

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[The Course] Open For Applications

If you’re already the leader in your market, this message isn’t for you. But, if you’re looking to knock the market leaders off their pedestals – keep reading. Over the last week you’ve received 12 ways to CRUSH your competition. If you missed any of them, you can watch the three videos here And […]

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You Want To Work With Darin And Me?

If my incorrect english bothers you, then skip this message. For everyone else, check this out. The last couple of years Darin and I have been focusing on building our own real estate business’ Him in Washington with residential sales. And me in Orlando with my rentals. This has been awesome for us personally, But […]

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12 Ways To Double Your Business

I think we made a mistake when we named our new video series “The 12 Competition Crushers” Why? Because any one of these Competition Crushers could easily double your business if you’re not already using it. So here’s a quick run down of the 12 ways ‘to double your business’ and the link to the […]

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The Final Competition Crushers Are Here

The final video in the Competition Crushers series is here and you can watch it now at Here’s what’s inside this video: * How getting smaller will lead to a bigger bottom line in your business * The McDonald’s secret to making it so easy a kid could buy from you * How wearing […]

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[Competition Crushers] Video 3 Has Arrived

Good news, I just posted up video #3 in the Competition Crushers series and you can watch it now at Here’s what you’ll find out in this video: * Why you need to get smaller to have a bigger business * The one truth 99% of business owners ignore and why you should pay […]

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Commercial Buyers Agent needed for Palm Springs, CA.

Palm Springs, CA l Million Dollar View Home – Frederic Delarue‎ l Commercial Agent speaking French needed for Palm Springs, CA. Please email me at     Thank you.

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A Quick Recap For You

If you haven’t already watched the first two Competition Crushers videos, you can watch them now at So far you’ve received 6 out of 12 Competition Crushers. In tomorrow’s video you’ll get the final 6. Are you ready? If not, here’s a quick recap of the first 6 Competition Crushers to help you get […]

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Makes Selling Easy

Just in case you missed it, I posted up video #2 of the Competition Crushers series yesterday. You can watch it now at In this video we talk about why branding is almost always a waste of time for agents and brokers. Why? Because if you’re spending all your time trying to ‘get your […]

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