Yeah, I’m talkin to you

I’m a big fan of talk radio.

When I was a regular working stiff I used to listen to ‘talk radio’ all day long every day.

That’s why when I started my first business online I decided to get into podcasting (aka Internet Radio)

It was a simple way for me to talk to you about stuff I think is important.

Most of the time I write to you about the Making Agents Rich show – which is all about sales, marketing, and mindset stuff you need to be a rich real estate agent.

But did you know I have two more shows?

I do one show with a multi-million dollar copywriter called the Antipreneur Show where we talk about business, babes, and the bible.

And the other show is brand new. 

If you’re into traffic, internet business, pay-per click, and online sales you should check the Don’t Be Stupid Show with computer scientist Jim Yaghi

You can find links and info about all three shows here:

And if you listen to all three, write me back and tell me which one is your favorite.


Rental/Buyers Agent needed for Springfield, MA.

Springfield, MA l Elizabeth Silva‎ l I need an agent for rent to own in SPRINGFIELD, MA Please email me at for more info.

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Buyers Agent needed for Hingham/Boston, MA.

Hingham/Boston, MA l Elizabeth Silva‎ l Buyer Lead Referral – Looking for agent in BOSTON MA area (buyer looking anywhere within an hour of HINGHAM) 600k range.. and also need another agent for rent to own in SPRINGFIELD, MA Please email me at for more info.

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Buyers Agent needed for Fayetteville, PA.

Fayetteville, PA l Zach Hosford l FAYETTEVILLE, PA / $400k – Buyer Agent needed. Please email

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Get more referrals with this simple little hack

Alright, lets get back on the Referral train.How would you like to get more referrals without getting any new leads?In Making Agents Rich #101 you get a simple little hack on segmenting your database that’ll get you more referrals from the peope you already know and like.In fact, Some might say this hack is way too simple.They […]

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Crazy traffic giveaway

You’re awesome!After writing you yesterday to tell you about the “Don’t Be Stupid Show” we managed to hit the top 10 in iTunes.  Check it out:     The cool part is that now that we’ve hit the top 10 inside iTunes, Jim is hell bent on keeping us there for the next four weeks.So […]

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Only read this if you want more traffic

Let’s switch things up today.Let’s talk about online marketing – specifically getting traffic.Not so long ago I was obsessed with traffic.It was all I could think of,It was all I worked on,Eat, sleep, and breath traffic.And I wondered why I wasn’t making more cheddar with my online business?Then one day a friend introduced me to […]

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Listing Agent needed for Glenpool, OK.

Glenpool, OK l Andrew Brest‎ l Seller Referral: If you are in the Glenpool, Oklahoma area and you are interested in meeting a potential client (seller). Please email me at Have a fantastic day!

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Listing/Buyers Agent needed for Brighton/Denver, CO.

Brighton/Denver. CO l Joni Repola‎ l Seeking listing agent with knowledge of Brighton East Farms community; seller also seeks to purchase townhome (downsizing) in relative area or other side of I25. Would like to be contacted asap. Please email for more information.

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How to get consistent referrals

If you’re not getting enough referrals on a consistent-regular basis, then listen to this 22 minute training’s some powerful stuff packed into 20 minutes, you might want to listen twice.Jonathan

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