You probably already have this Rich Habit

Yesterday I told you about Rich Habit No7

And how without this habit nothing would ever change in your life or your business.

The good news is, you’re probably already have this rich habit or you wouldn’t still be in business.

Find out what Rich Habit No7 is on iTunes (look for MAR117)

Have fun,

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Buyers Agent needed for Alpharetta, GA.

Alpharetta, GA l Renee Hamilton-Realtor‎ l Referral In Georgia for buyers agent. Seeking hard working, kind and patient agent that works Alpharetta, GA area. First time home buyer relocating from AL. Please Email me at

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Rich Habit No7 – everything else is useless

Tomorrow you’re going to find out what Rich Habit #7 is, And without this habit, all the rest of them are completely useless. In fact, this one habit alone could make up for your short comings in almost every other area of your life. But alas, that one won’t be out until tomorrow. In the […]

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How many Rich Habits do you have?

We’re counting down the top 10 daily success habits of Rich People on The Making Agents Rich Show. As my co-host Darin always says, “Success leaves clues.” If you’re snooping around for clues to being rich, then you should dig into See you later Sherlock, Jonathan

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You CAN have it all.

I think it’s silly when people say, “You can’t have you’re cake and eat it.” If someone handed me a nice slice of chocolate cake and then told me I couldn’t eat it I would throw the cake right at their stupid little head. It makes me wonder why so many of us are taught […]

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Buyers Agent needed for Raleigh/Durham, NC.

Raleigh/Durham, NC l Jenny Vaughn McCarver‎  l I have a friend looking for a Buyer’s agent in the Raleigh/Durham NC area for possible purchase. Must have experience with income properties. Please email me with info. Thanks!

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Another subscriber bites the dust

I want to tell you about a weird email I got, But first I need you to sing along, “How do you think I’m going to get along Without you when you’re gone? You took me for everything that I had And kicked me out on my own Are you happy, Are you satisfied? How […]

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We were right (again)

A few weeks back I wrote to tell you to “Forget what Gary Keller told you.” And even thought I resisted the idea when Darin first brought it to me – I jumped on board because it made sense to me. And guess what, soon after I received this message from Kristyn, an agent in […]

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Rich Habit No5: People farming

OK, let’s jump back into the habits of wealthy individuals. If you’ve been following along the first four Rich Habits are: MAR111 Rich Habit 1: Forming good daily habits MAR112 Rich Habit 2: Setting goals MAR113 Rich Habit 3: Daily self improvement MAR114 Rich Habit 4: Being healthy And on today’s Making Agents Rich Show […]

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Listing/Buyers Agent needed for Wheeling, WV.

Wheeling, WV l Gina Bevis Kendall l Need an agent in or near Wheeling West Virginia! Thanks! Please email me at

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