5 habits of the richest people

After the response to yesterday’s newsletter I feel like you might be interested in finding out more about rich people and their habits.

That’s why today you’re going to get 5 habits of the richest people.

These are the things rich people do vs. what poor people do.


Lets go:

84% of rich people believe good habits create opportunities.
Only 4% poor people do.

86% rich people believe in lifelong educational self-improvement.
Only 5% of poor people do.

63% Rich people listen to audio books while they commute.
Only 5% of poor people do.

76% of rich people exercise 4 days per week.
26% of poor people do.

5% of rich people watch reality TV.
77% of poor people do.

Allow me to decipher what these numbers should mean to you:

If you want to be rich you need to put down the house wives of Orlando and get your butt to the gym where you should promptly turn on the Making Agents Rich Show while you work out.

And while you’re doing that make sure you listen to the show about creating good habits http://makingagentsrich.com/84/

See you tomorrow,

PS – If you wrote me about my dog, THANKS!  We went to the vet today and she got a clean bill of health other than a minor infection.

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