What are you waiting for?

If you’re reading these words I’m guessing you’ve listened to at least one episode of the “Making Agents Rich Show.”

You hear about it all the time in these emails,

You must have heard at least one show, maybe two?

There’s almost 100 shows now, I don’t know how you couldn’t have listened to at least 1.

And that’s why I’m writing you today.

Whether you loved the show, hated it, or thought we could do better – I need your help.

It’ll only take you 2 minutes.

All you have to do is go to http://MakingAgentsRich.com/iTunes/ and leave us a review.

If you’re on your iPhone or iPad that link will open iTunes on your device where you can leave us a review straight away.

But if you’re on your computer it’ll take you our iTunes page on the web.

When you get there click the blue “View in iTunes” button

That’ll open iTunes on your computer then you just click on the “ratings & reviews” and then you click on the “write a review” button.

I recorded this short video http://makingagentsrich.evsuite.com/mar-itunes-review/ to show you exactly how to do it.

Maybe it seems like a lot of work, but if you’ve ever received any value from the Making Agents Rich show or my daily emails – this would mean the world to me.

Leaving a review – good or bad – let’s iTunes know who’s listening and what they like so they can match more listeners to shows like ours.

Yep, I’ll even accept a bad review as long as you’re being genuine and telling me how I can make the it better.

And if you’ve already reviewed us, thank you!


What are you waiting for? Get to reviewing.


Buyers Agent needed for Lincoln, NE.

Lincoln, NE l Angie Watts l I have a client who needs a buyers agent in Lincoln Nebraska. I would like them to be experienced and a real go getter. He has a short amount of time to find a home. Please email angiewatts@charlesburt.com

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Get your hands on the Referral Getter first.

It’s been a long time since I gave you a blatant pitch,So I’m not going to hold back any punches.If you’re the sensitive type who gets their feeling hurt real easy, get away from this page as quickly as you can.Let’s rap about the Referral Getter system that’s coming out next week.If you’ve ever had […]

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Listing Agent needed for Gardner, MA.

Gardner, MA l William A. Labbancz l Looking for a listing agent in Gardner, Mass. I have a couple looking to possibly move to Florida and will need to sell their property in Mass. Email William at me at info@LABBANCZ.com

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Buyers Agent needed for Denver, CO.

Denver, CO l Lorraine Beato l Need a referral for investor friendly realtor in the Denver, Colorado area for myself and my partner … please e-mail me at BeatoL@comcast.net

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The most powerful way you can get more referrals

Believe it or not, getting referrals is more of a science than an art.That means if you have the right knowledge – and the right tools getting referrals is really just a numbers game.But there’s one thing you can do – that’s more powerful than any other method of getting referrals.If you do this one […]

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Did you get the Referral Report yet?

I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to download it yet,But I wanted to remind you that if you’re business isn’t coming from at least 50% referrals you’re leaving money on the table.Why? Because referrals are better leads over all.They’re better because they come with built in trust.They’re better because they’re an easier close.And […]

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Don’t be better

Steve Jobs is famous for saying, “Don’t ask how we can do it better, ask how we can do it different”And that makes a lot of sense, because being “better” is subjective.What is better to you may not be better to me.But being different always make you stand out in a crowd.If you want to […]

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Listing Agent/Property Manager needed for Las Vegas, NV.

Las Vegas, NV l Preda Dunn l Happy Friday! I’m looking for an agent, or company that can list and manage a rental property in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please email me at mspreda@yahoo.com

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Listing Agent needed for Zebulon, GA.

Zebulon, GA l Roger Webb l Looking to refer client to a Listing agent that covers Zebulon GA area. Client looking to list a 500k property. Please contact Roger Webb at webb_realestate@yahoo.com

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