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Rental/Buyers Agent needed for Cape Coral/Fort Meyers, FL.

Cape Coral/Fort Meyers, FL l Stavros Mitchelides l Hi, Looking for an experienced Agent in Cape Coral/Fort Myers, Florida to assist my client with a $2000/mo 1 Year Rental, then he will be buying. Email THANKS!

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Rental Agent needed for Fairfax County, VA.

Fairfax County, VA l Xena Vallone‎  l Looking for an agent to help out my son in Fairfax County, VA – he is looking for a rental 1/1 condo under 1500. If you can help out, please email me at – thanks

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Listing Agent needed for Dover, DE.

Dover, DE l Terry Trexler l Listing agent needed for house in foreclosure that they need to short sale. Please email me at

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All you need to do is fill out this Form We’ll email our 3,000 Referral Mailbox and Referral Digest subscribers and post to our Facebook page with 75,000 followers. It’s just that EASY and it’s FREE!!!

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Listing Agent needed for Gary, IN.

Gary, IN l Sarah J Reiss‎ l Looking for a Realtor in Gary Indiana for a client referral. Thanks Please email

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Listing Agent needed for Friendswood, TX.

Friendswood, TX l Renee Samara Kidwell-Drumm‎ l Listing agent needed for Friendswood, TX. Call Renee Drumm, Home Experts Realty, (937) 620-4817. Or email

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Property Manager needed for Memphis, TN.

Memphis, TN l Andrea Woodard l I’m searching for a great full service property management company in Memphis for a client. Can anyone recommend an individual or company, please? Thanks! Please email me at Thanks!

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Buyers Agent needed for Port Saint Lucie, FL.

Port Saint Lucie, FL l Dan McNulty‎ l Looking for a referral agent in Port Saint Lucie, Florida for buyers looking to see homes on Monday. Call or text Dan McNulty 480-352-3596 or email

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