2 steps to get you more referrals now

If you want more referrals,

Here are two things you can do right now to get you more referrals this year

#1. Ask yourself these three questions:

“How much of my business comes from referrals?”

“Is this amount of business making me rich?

“Is my business consistent and predictable?

After you’ve taken a minute to reflect on these question you can move to the second step.

#2. Listen to this 23 minute training http://makingagentsrich.com/92/ on getting referrals.

That’s enough for one day, see you tomorrow.


The fastest way to double your business.

If 50% of your business isn’t coming from referrals then you’re in luck.Why?Because the fastest way to double your business is to get more referrals.Easier said than done, right?Maybe you’re not sure what to say?Maybe you’re not sure how to ask?Maybe you don’t have a reliable way to get referrals?Whatever it is, don’t worryBecause you’re […]

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Use this NIKE trick to wow your clients

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How To Analyze Your Market Like The FBI Analyzes Serial Killers And Criminal Masterminds

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Commercial Leasing Agent needed for Jacksonville, FL.

Jacksonville, FL l Nicola McLaughlin Riettie l Looking for a Commercial Realtor in Jacksonville, FL. A client is looking for retail space. Please contact Nicola Riettie by private message viaFlorida Luxury Real Estate Group or text at 954-708-6841. Thanks!

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5 habits of the richest people

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Buyers Agent needed for Rockport, TX.

Rockport, TX l Naheshae Davis‎ l In need of a Buyer’s Agent in Rockport, TX. Please email  me at ndavis@brooksanddavis.com. Thanks!

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Referral Agent needed for Mt. Sterling, KY.

Mt Sterling, KY l Hanks Las Vegas Real Estate l Mt. Sterling Kentucky Anybody…?? Give me a Ring at 702-449-0899 or email HankLVRealestate@aol.com

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The secret to closing more deals is inside

If you want to close more deals effortlessly there’s one thing you need to have.No, it’s not any tech tools or gadgets.No, it’s not Facebook fans or Twitter followers.And it’s definitely not ninja tricks or tactics.What you need is a solid sales consultation that gives your customers exactly what they want.That way you can get […]

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What keeps you awake at night?

So I spent the last couple of days telling you about how I dealt with the employee who was stealing from me.And now I want to shift the focus to you and your business.In particular I want to know what is your #1 single biggest challenge is right now in your business.Because if you tell me,I will […]

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