Buyers Agent needed for West Palm Beach, FL.

West Palm Beach, FL l Dana Fassett‎ l Need a buyers agent for West Palm Beach and surrounding areas.

Please email me at

Listing Agent needed for Leander, TX.

Leander, TX l Joe Jarusinsky l Need a Listing Agent in Leander, Tx. for a 1 1/2 acre property with a home and two mobile homes. Please email me at Thanks, Joe

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What are you working on?

Shame on me, Its been a while since I ask what you’re up to. That’s why today I want to know what you’re working on? What area of your business, or your marketing, or your life are you working on… And why is it so important to you? Just reply to this email and lemme […]

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Rental/Buyers Agent needed for Albany, NY.

Albany, NY l Laura Kolb Resnick l I have clients moving to the Albany, NY area. (looking for a rental within 20 miles or so, South of Albany) Will buy after they scope the area a bit. Please contact me via email at

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Buyers Agent needed for Virginia Beach, VA.

Virginia Beach, VA l Monica Embrey Realtor‎ l Excellent Buyers Agent needed for VA Beach, VA 23452 for my cousin who is a first time home buyer! Please contact me at

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104 reasons to subscribe

If I were to list every reason you should subscribe to the Making Agents Rich Show on iTunes the list would be way longer than 104. Each show is packed with “ah-ha moments” and actionable tips you can use right now to make your business more profitable and your life more fun. So instead […]

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Do you want fries with that?

McDonald’s has made billions of dollars by having it’s employees utter 6 seemingly simple words, “Do you want fries with that?” And they’re not the only ones in on this little secret, Remember the last time you went to the movies and tried to order a small anything – the employees are trained to ask […]

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Listing Agent needed for Pittsburgh, PA.

Pittsburg, PA l David Sattelmeyer‎ l Need a good listing agent in the Pittsburgh, PA market zip 15210… Please email me at thank you!

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Buyers Agent needed for Poinciana/Kissimmee, FL.

Poinciana/Kissimmee, FL l Erin Harbuck‎ l Poinciana/Kissimmee, FL area – need a Spanish speaking Buyers’ agent. Please email me @

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Rental Agent needed for Deltona/Daytona, FL.

Deltona/Daytona, FL l Cynthia Carr Almeida l Looking for an rental agent around the Deltona/Daytona Florida area. Please email my at

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