Listing Agent needed for Detroit, MI.

Detroit, MI l Tim Courtney l I got a referral for a listing in the city of Detroit…if interested let me know…thanks!

Please email me at [email protected]

Listing Agent needed for Douglas, AZ.

Douglas, AZ l Johnny Utah l I have 3 properties in Douglas AZ area i would like to sell. Does any one work that are that would like to sell these for me ? Please email me at jonhiatt1@ gmail. com

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Buyers Agent needed for Silver Spring, MD.

Silver Spring, MD l Laura Resnick l Buyers agent needed for Silver Spring, MD. Please email me at [email protected]

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Listing Agent needed for Phoenix, AZ.

Phoenix, AZ l Clariza Favela-Varney l Spanish speaking agent needed in the Phoenix Arizona area for clients looking to sell, not sure if they are also looking to buy. Email is [email protected]

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Where Smart MARSians Hang Out

If you’re reading these words then you should know what a MARSian is. No, it’s not a little green man from the planet Mars (those are called martians) It’s what Darin and I call the loyal listeners of the Making Agents Rich Show i a n s Got it? Good. For the longest time we’ve […]

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Don’t Talk About It – Be About It

“Don’t talk about it, Be about it. That was a Maryland thing. ​If you are not making enough moolah, If you think you should be doing better, If there are things you aren’t accomplishing, Don’t talk about it, Be about it.” ========================== This is a quote from the top rated iTunes podcast Weird Entrepreneurs where […]

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FWD: The Expired Listing System

I have to tell you, I’ve been using Aweber since 2008, And they’ve recently made some changes that are driving me crazy. I sent this email around 10 am today by accident – so I figured I’d resend at my regular time just in case you missed it. ================================ Today I should be sharing a […]

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The Number 1 Show In ITunes

Today I should be sharing a review for The Making Agents Rich Show on iTunes. Usually I log into iTunes, Type “Making Agents Rich” into the search bar, Click on our logo, Click on reviews, And pick one of the most recent reviews to share with you. But I’ve noticed something interesting lately that I […]

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Listing Agent needed for Payson, UT.

Payson, UT l Phyllis Gordon l I’m looking for a listing agent who works Payson, Utah.  Client has a home ready to list now. Approx list price is $150k – $200k. Wants to pay a max 5 1/2% total commission. 20% referral fee. Contact me ASAP if interested, [email protected]

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4 Places To Get More Listings

When you’re planning your listing strategy there are four places you can get more listings: Category 1: Home Value Leads / Geographic Farm Category 2: Expired Category 3: FSBO’s Category 4: Referrals If you got only 5 listings in each of these categories you’d have 20 listings over the next year. That’s why in the […]

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