How I became a landlord

So I did something weird the other day and it has just come back to haunt me.

I was invited onto Dan Lane’s “Rental Income Podcast”

He wanted to know how I became a landlord,

Usually you don’t hear me talk too much about how I got started.

So I jumped on the opportunity to share this stuff with you.

If you’re interested in owning rentals, creating systems that give you freedom, and creative real estate investing you’ll get a kick out of this 15 minute show

Some of the cool stuff you’ll find out in it:

* How I cash-flowed my first rental with some risky financing.
* The weird place I met a guy who sold me my first three houses.
* Why I don’t talk to tenants after they move in
* And a ho bunch more packed into this 15 minute show.

Listen now at


Rental Agent needed for Florida, NY.

Florida, NY l Roza InBiz‎ l I need an agent who does rentals in upstate New York. I have a client who wants to list his house for rent in Florida, New York. Please email

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Happy Hanukkah!

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Buyers Agent needed for Greensburg, IN.

Greensburg, IN l Peter Goodman‎ l Buyers agent needed for Greensburg, Indiana or surrounding areas. Buyer is pre-approved. He is being relocated and wants to see houses today, if possible. Please call Peter Goodman at Home Captain Realty at 917-338-0643 or via email at:

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Anything you can do I can do better

In the early days of my business I used to do everything myself. I wore all the hats in my company and I used to run myself ragged. Then, when I decided to hire help, I used to think I could do everything better myself. After a few years I got over it and realized […]

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Buyers Agent needed for Waymouth, MA.

Waymouth, MA l Joshua Potts l  Buyers Agent needed for Weymouth Mass. Pre Approved buyer Contact –

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Read if you’re an Android user

I get this question all the time. It goes something like this… Jonathan, you’re always promoting the Making Agents Rich Show on iTunes, but what if you’re an android user? How do you get the show? The answer is simple my little googling, All you have to do is listen to the show straight from […]

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Want to stand above your competition?

There’s a disturbing trend happening in real estate. Brokers and agents everywhere have turned over their marketing to big companies who promise to put you at the top of search. Sure, it sounds good to turn over your marketing to experts. But if the experts you’re giving your dough to are for hire for by […]

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Buyers Agent needed for Palm Desert/Indio, CA.

Palm Desert/Indio, CA l Joshua Potts l Pre approved buyer in the Palm Desert/Indio California area. Marine veteran. Please contact:

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