Buyers Agent needed for Uniontown, PA.

Uniontown, PA l Monica Embrey l Looking for an amazing Buyer’s Agent in Uniontown, PA.

Please email me at or call 571-221-5846. Thanks!

Internet Marketing Pioneer interviewed

I thought you might find this interview useful, so I’m forwarding you this message: =========================== A special episode of my new “Off The Chain” podcast has just been released. It’s an interview with online marketing pioneer Ken McCarthy. Ken was the first person ever to hold an Internet marketing conference and is responsible for many […]

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Listing Agent needed for Rogers, AR.

Rogers, AR l Sara Granger‎ l Looking for an amazing Sellers Agent in Rogers, Arkansas. Please email me at or call 816-260-6860.

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Buyers Agent needed for Dallas, TX.

Dallas, TX l Hector G. Diaz l Agent needed in the Dallas, Texas area for referral looking to buy in Keller or South Lake. Email me at

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Are you getting too big for your britches?

It seems every one I talk to lately is obsessed with “scaling” their business. They’re thinking about growing before they’re even making enough to feed themselves. And its this kind of thinking that can put you out of business and alienate your customers. That’s why if you have a small business acting big, you should […]

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Buyers Agent needed for Bloomington, IN.

Bloomington, IN l Brett Doshan‎ l I need a buyer’s agent in Bloomington, IN. Please email Thank you

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I am the enemy

Have you ever seen “Almost Famous?” It’s a movie from 2000 with Kate Hudson in it. It’s about this 15 year old kid who gets hired by Rolling Stone magazine to do a story on Stillwater, an up and coming rock band. The guys in Stillwater are all ‘anti-establishment’ types who think Corporate America is […]

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Join me in San Francisco

I don’t want to talk about work stuff, It’s Monday and I bet you could use a little pick me up. That’s why I wanted to invite you on a tour of San Francisco with me and Rachel. Make every day awesome, Jonathan

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New show to make you dough

People often wonder what my criteria is for the shows I produce. And it’s simpler than you think. I only have two criteria for the hosts: #1: I have to like them, because if I like them there’s a good chance you’ll like them too. #2: I must have used their product or service to […]

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Listing Agent needed for Montgomery, AL.

Montgomery, AL l Aly Anker‎ l I’m looking for an agent in the Pike Road area of Montgomery, Alabama. Please email me at

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