My BIG Business Mistake

In yesterday’s note I promised to tell you about the BIG mistake that cost me everything.

I had no formal business training before I jumped into real estate.

After high school I went into electrical work.

Nine years later I was fed up and needed a change.

I figured my best bet was to get into Real Estate because all I needed was a license and a dream.

So when I got into the business, I knew nothing about business.

That’s why I made a ton of mistakes that ultimately killed my business.

One of the biggest mistakes I made was always paying everyone else before me.

My contractors were paid,

My vendors were paid,

My suppliers were paid,

Which sometimes didn’t leave enough for me to get paid.

If you want a sure fire way to burn yourself out and be dead broke – do this.

But if you want to last in business then you’re going to need to learn how to pay yourself FIRST.

Darin and I recorded a training to help you do this,

It’s all yours at
(just look for MAR 168)


Buyers Agent needed for Keller, TX.

Keller, TX ; Michael Yoder l Looking for one story home in zip code 76244 priced at 130-170k. Please email me at [email protected]

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This Cost Me Everything

Did I ever tell you about the first BIG check I got in real estate? Times were good when I decided to jump into the game. If you had a pulse you could make a killing. When we flipped our first house I walked away from closing with a check so big it would have […]

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WTF Does He Know?

I guess it’s true when people say, “No good deed goes unpunished.” Last weekend I did a favor for a guy who’s just starting out. I sent a couple of emails to help him promote a new giveaway he’s offering. After the emails went out I wrote him to check how things were going. Here’s […]

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Listing Agent needed for Gainesville, FL.

Gainesville, FL l Aly Sands George l Marketing agent needed for condo in Gainesville, FL. Please comment (for yourself) and email me, privately at [email protected] with your contact info, and information about you. If you know someone, please tell them to contact me, directly. Many thanks in advance.

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You Will Obey

Check out the latest review for the Making Agents Rich Show on iTunes. Name: SDinvestor Stars: 5 Title: Love It! Review: “I am not a real estate agent, but I work with them every single day. I really wish more of them followed the advice in this show, then I wouldn’t have to cycle through […]

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I Don’t Want To Write No Stinkin’ Book

My mentors have been telling me for years, “You have to write a book.” And I just laughed at them. I don’t want to write no stinkin’ book. Besides, I email every day – so why do I need a book? But then I saw how one of the guys I work with went from […]

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Buyers Agent needed for Aruba.

Aruba l Della Booth l I have a buyer referral for Aruba, would prefer a CIPS designation. Looking for a 4 bedroom home waterfront or short walk to the beach. Please private message me or email [email protected]

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Rated R: Death Glory Or Dissapointment

You’re the first person I’m telling about this. I’m super excited to bring you a brand new show that’s going to help you elevate your life and your business to whole new levels. I’ve known this guy for a while, and at first I thought he was a total jackass. But after meeting up with […]

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Rental Agent needed for San Diego, CA.

San Diego, CA l Stacey Phillips l My daughter would like rental info for the San Diego area. Any agents who can get us some info?! Please email me@ [email protected] Thank you!

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