Why do my products cost so much?

I got an email the other day with some lady asking my why my products cost so much.

She was referring to http://SellerGetter.com/pricing/

Here’s why I don’t think my products are expensive at all:

I never buy products or services that I can’t see an immediate way to recoup my cost and profit from.

That’s because I have an ROI Mindset.

If you think ROI then you’re looking for a return on the investment you make in the Seller Getter.

With that in mind I believe you’ll do the prescribed work I give you when you first sign up because that’s the only way you’re going to get a listing and closed sale which will give you the ROI you’re looking for.

And even if it was a small commission – say $3,000 you’d have already recouped your entire investment and then some – everything else is gravy.

But, if you’re the type to sit on your hands and hope something magically happens for you.

Then yes, maybe the Seller Getter would seem expensive – since you have no way of recouping your investment.

But here’s something cool for you if you’re a cheap skate or you just can’t afford the Seller Getter yet.

Darin and I have recorded 60+ training audios that’ll show you how to be a rich real estate agent, they’re available to you on iTunes http://MakingAgentsRich.com/iTunes

And you can thank all our wonderful Seller Getter customers for those trainings, becuase they’re the ones that made it possible for you to get them for free.

Once you’ve applied what you learned on Making Agents Rich

You should have enough cash stacked up to join us inside the Seller Getter.

Hasta Manana


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