Rental Agent needed for Miami, FL.

Miami, FL l Maria Coutu l I need a rental listing agent for Miami, FL (33125).

Please email me at

Buyers Agent needed for Longwood, FL.

Longwood, FL l Becky Mariea l Looking for a buyers agent in the Longwood area around Orlando Florida. Please email me at

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Rental/Buyers Agent needed for Mt. Pleasant, TX.

Mt. Pleasant, TX l Margaret Westcamp‎ ; Buyers/Rental Agent needed for Mt. Pleasant, TX.  Have a client relocating to Texas once we sell his property here. Margaret Westcamp Urban Nest Realty Please contact me at thank you.

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Rental Agent needed for Duck, NC.

Duck, NC l Monica Embrey l I need a rental agent for my cousin’s stepson who is looking to rent in Duck, NC. Please email me at

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Buyers Agent needed for Galveston, TX.

Galveston, TX l Tiffany Markovsky l I’m a Houston broker in need of a Galveston realtor. Please email me at

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Listing Agent needed for Green Bay, WI.

Green Bay, WI l Archie Dean l Looking for an agent in Green Bay WI to list a home! Who do you know I should know? Please email me at thanks!

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Can You Triumph Over Mega-Agents With A Puny Budget?

Don’t you just hate those mega-agents? It seems like everything they touch turns to gold. Their endlessly deep pockets make it impossible for the ‘little guy’ to compete. Whenever a problem comes up they quickly solve it by throwing money at it. But what if you have a puny budget compared to theirs? Can you […]

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5 Things Rich People Do Before Breakfast

The rich do things differently than regular folks – that’s why they’re rich. And if you want to be like them you’re going to have to do what they do. One thing that separates the rich from regular old folks is their rituals. To find out more about the Rituals of the Rich listen to […]

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Buyers Agent needed for Roanoke Rapids, NC.

Roanoke Rapids, NC l Raquel Ott‎ l I need a buyer’s agent for Roanoke Rapids, NC. Qualified buyer for a VA loan up to $200,000. You can email me at for details. Thanks

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Just Say YES

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately. It happens in restaurants, It happens in offices, It happens everywhere. I don’t know if folks have become lazy, Or if they weren’t trained well. But I see it all the time and it’s costing companies buckoo bucks. What is it? People telling you what you can’t do. No, […]

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