Finally, bite-size nuggets that are good for you.

I’ve been studying up on food lately.

Mostly because I’m going to be a parent soon and I want to make sure my kid eats right.

But also for me and my wife – so we can live longer and enjoy our child and family.

Needless to say, eating better is pretty important to me.

Last weekend one of my friends recommended a documentary that really knocked it out of the park called “Hungry for Change”

There was one scene where they compared white flour and sugar to cocaine because both are very addicting and can kill you.

And it’s not just the sweet stuff either – the oil they use in just about every restaurant is loaded with MSG (which is also addictive)

That’s why you gotta watch every single thing you put in your body.

Which reminds me of why I wrote you today.

If you’re hungry for change in your business, check out what Paige said about the Making Agents Rich Show on Stitcher 

Title: “Great Bite-Size Nuggets”

Review: “Thank you Jonathan and Darin for creating such a great show. I listen to the show every day while I’m getting ready in the morning. It helps me start the day with the right frame of mind or an ‘ah-ha’ to move my business forward.

Your show is relevant, practical, thought provoking and in bite-size pieces so that I can take actionon it immediately rather than getting over-whelmed or over-loaded.

You guys are entertaining to boot.  Keep the shows coming!”

Reviewer: Paige

Thanks a lot for the awesome review Paige!

And it’s no wonder why you’re successful, you know the importance and value of taking action.

So if you haven’t taken action by listening to the show or leaving us a review – there’s no better time than right now.

If you’re on iPhone or iTunes you can leave us a review at

If you’re on Android you can give us some love on Stitcher

The rest is up to you.

Hasta La Bye Bye,


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