Meet my mentors

I’ve been lucky,

No matter where I was, I’ve always found a mentor along the way.

When i was an apprentice electrician I found mentors who showed me all the right tools and how to use them.

When I started in real estate I had mentors showing me how to get through a transaction.

And in the past 10 years I’ve been in business I’ve had a lot of mentors showing me lots of things…

But the last three (which I still work with today) have put hundreds of thousands of dollars in my pocket and I will forever be grateful for their help.

And that’s why you absolutely have to meet them.

Darin Persinger: Helped me take my nearly failing real estate business out of the gutter and into the profit zone.

Ben Settle: Showed me how good salesmanship and positioning would make me more dough than I ever thought I could earn (or should earn)

Doberman Dan: Reminded me how powerful direct mail – to the right people could is.

I always vowed that I would find a way to repay these guys for everything they’ve done for me.

And i finally got a chance to do that last year when i opened the podcast factory.

Now, anyone can learn from these brilliant guys 3 times per week.

Check them out at


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Buyers Agent needed for Leander, TX.

Leander, TX l Rebecca Lynn Laird‎ l LEANDER, TX Listing Agent Needed!!! Please email me at

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Buyers Agent needed for Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic

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Listing Agent needed for Red Lodge, MT

Red Lodge, MT l Kimberli Baker‎ l I need a listing agent for Red Lodge MT. Please email Kim Baker at, Phoenix AZ. Thank you!!

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Want a steady flow of clients?

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Tired of being treated like a chicken?

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Rental Agent needed for Culver City/Palos Verdes, CA.

Culver City, CA l Nicole A Coppersmith-Yancey l Seeking a REALTOR for CA (Culver City and South in the beach cities south as far as Palos Verdes) client seeking a 2bd2ba Rental Please email me at

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Phone – Finger – Dial

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F’ the GuRu Party

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