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blockquote The riveting memoir of a life lived at the right hand edge of the speedometer.Alex Roy s father, while on his deathbed, hints about the notorious, utterly illegal cross country drive from Los Angeles to New York of the 1970s, which then inspired his young son to enter the mysterious world of underground road rallies Tantalized by the legend of the Driverthe anonymous, possibly nonexistent organizer of the world s ultimate secret raceRoy set out to become a force to be reckoned with At speeds approaching 200 mph, he sped from London to Morocco, from Budapest to Rome, from San Francisco to Miami, in his highly modified BMW M5, culminating in a new record for the infamous Los Angeles to New York run 32 07.Sexy, funny, and shocking, The Driver is a never before told insider s look at an unbelievably fast and dangerous society that has long been off limits to ordinary mortals....

Title : The Driver: My Dangerous Pursuit of Speed and Truth in the Outlaw Racing World
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ISBN : 0061374997
ISBN13 : 978-0061374999
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : Englisch
Publisher : It Books Auflage Reprint 14 Oktober 2008
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The Driver: My Dangerous Pursuit of Speed and Truth in the Outlaw Racing World Reviews

  • C. C.
    2019-09-23 09:40

    Abseits der breiter tiefer lauter Fraktion wird hier illegales Straßenrennen gegen die Uhr glorifiziert und in wunderbar arroganter Weise beschrieben. Ein schnelles fesselndes Buch für Pistonheads über ein Abenteuer inmitten unserer überreglementierten Gesellschaft. Verantwortungsloses und gemeingefährliches Verhalten? - Ja, aber genau das macht den Reiz aus.Love or leave it

  • patatas
    2019-09-24 07:39

    Ich fasse mich kurz, denn eigentlich wurde in den anderen Rezessionen schon alles gesagt.Jeder mit Benzin im Blut und ein paar hart erarbeiteten Punkten in Flensburg sollte wenigstens mal ein Blick auf dieses Buch werfen.Toll geschrieben, nie langweilig und irgendwie faszinieren. Daumen hoch, Team Polizei!

  • M. Weber
    2019-09-15 09:22

    Das Buch ist eine absolute Empfehlung für jeden, der sich gerne mit der Gumball und dieser "Szene" befasst, und Insiderwissen direkt von einem der "Besten" erfahren will - vorrausgesetzt, man mag die englische Sprache und ist dieser auch mächtig.Einen beispielhaften Anhaltspunkt, den ich geben kann, ist, dass mir der Beginn von "Cannonball!: World's Greatest Outlaw Road Race" von Brock Yates (habe ich auch von Amazon) etwas zäher und schwieriger verständlich vorkommt, was einem leicht den Spaß am Lesen rauben kann."The Driver" macht hingegen Spaß zu lesen, fesselt und unterhält und ist relativ leicht verständlich.Absolute Kaufempfehlung!

  • R. EARLS
    2019-09-18 03:33

    Very engrossing tale of one of the most amazing races from cost-to-cost in history that any car guy or gal would enjoy. While a fascinating story. it's not the best written book if I'm honest.You practically need a organization chart to keep track of all the people the author constantly bounces the story line between. Also, the father-son dynamics and navel-gazing "insights" are just a lot of fluff that you have to wade through to get to the good parts. However, it's worth it. Definitely worth the time for an entertaining read.

  • Lord Jim
    2019-09-17 04:30

    Narcissism and hedonism at its finest, fueled by wealth that enables a highly creative spirit on a quest to find "The Driver." In a revelation at the end of this quest that was fueled by his father's bequest of a box on the father's death bed, the author is given a spiritual gift that exceeds any material inheritance. This read gives suspense, excitement and a glimpse into a world few see or experience.

  • J. Dangelo
    2019-09-25 07:21

    I very much enjoyed this compelling memoir. Maybe because of my shared connection with the movie, "Rendezvous," which I stumbled across nearly two decades ago, I was immediately hooked. I read this book during a recent vacation with my family, and found myself sneaking time with the book. Unfortunately, I also found myself struggling with the writing. If it were a scale of one to ten, rather than five stars, I'd have rated Mr. Roy's book a 7 or 8. With better editing, the story and book would have been a raging 10. Mr. Roy does a great job of sounding endearing and no more reckless than was absolutely required for the task at hand. Sure, the task at hand is inherently dangerous, but not necessarily reckless. Mr. Roy comes across as driven (sorry, seems like the best description) by a personal quest, rather than by carelessness, ego or testosterone.I have no idea how a casual reader would react to this story or material, so please take that as a caveat. With that being said, if you're an enthusiast this story might leave you with a similar effect as the movie, "Rendezvous," did. If you don't know about "Rendezvous," and the act of driving a good car quickly and competently on public roads gives you joy (or, I suppose, the IDEA of driving a good car quickly and competently on public roads gives you joy), buy them together and enjoy yourself. I noticed a handy bundle of this book, the book,"Cannonball," by Brock Yates, and the movie, "Rendezvous," together. All three might just tip the scale from thrilling to overwhelming.So be it.

  • Brian
    2019-10-12 06:13

    This is one of my favorite books. The writing is very good and engaging, and there's a speed junkie in me that has always wanted to have nice cars and drive them quickly. I enjoyed reading this book so much (originally, borrowed from the library) that I bought one copy for my best friend and another to lend to friends who would appreciate this story. I say "story" because any car/driving junkie exaggerates a little or embellishes a bit, and I suspect the author is no different.

  • pilot_c
    2019-10-11 02:16

    I've read this book cover to cover a few times, and it never gets old. It is excellent. The beginning is a little difficult to follow as it jumps around a bit, but I was into the book within the first few paragraphs. Anyone who is into cars has probably heard about Gumball, and Roy's account of his experiences with these rallies is amazing. He writes in a very visual way without going into too much detail. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone and everyone who enjoys racing or cars in general.