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In this book you will find easy to follow instructions for making your own American Longbow from scratch, and advice on how to shoot it It will take you through the entire process of building a bow, from design to construction In addition, it explores both the philosophical and concrete reasons why making your own bow will add to the story of your good life If you ve ever thought about making your own bow, this book is a good place to start....

Title : The American Longbow: How to Make One, and Its Place in a Good Life
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The American Longbow: How to Make One, and Its Place in a Good Life Reviews

  • Hanktownpete
    2019-09-01 06:24

    Steve Graf is a dedicated archer, hunter, and conservationist. I know him only from the Trad Bow forum, but I always look forward to following his posts and have had many glimpses of him there. This book, with its how-to aspects and contemplations, is well thought out, well written, nicely edited and makes sensitive connections between archery and the life we live. All who have a passion they follow know how strong that spiritual connection is. While I have no plans to build a bow any time soon, I know this will be the first guide I pick up when I do. Steve is always gracious, pointing to others when more specific and supporting information is required, though his expertise is evident. Before you start to read the body of the book, please read the Thank You section and you'll have a good sense of the writer and what he's about. It's seems he has written this book as an expression of gratitude for what the American Semi Longbow and archery have given him.

  • Greg
    2019-09-07 03:20

    Steve has assembled an essential reference tool for those who love the American Longbow. This book fills the much needed role of documenting some of the intricacies of building and shooting the Hill style longbow. The chapter on shooting is worth the price of purchase alone. Not since John Schulz’s video has such a detailed reference on the swing draw technique been available to the public. There are few who hunt with a non-target style anymore, and those that do are not usually tech. savvy enough to communicate those lessons to the modern masses. Steve documents how to avoid some common pitfalls, and outlines a method for learning the style of shooting that was used by the legendary Howard Hill as well as most of the other pioneers and bowhunting legends. It took an analytical Aerospace engineer to learn the Zen of fluid relaxed shooting and communicate the things to “let go of” in order to be successful. I’m sure this book will become an instant classic and required reading for those who are bitten with Hill style longbow bug.

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-08-22 22:19

    One of the best bow building books l ever read. It was easy to understand the whole process in building an American Semi Longbow. I've been waiting for years for a book like this to come around that goes into detail about the process of this kind of bow. The book isn't just about build a bow but also goes into some philosophy about how the simple American Semi Longbow can teach us about living the good life. If you are on the fence about buying this book, done be buy it you will read it over and over its that good

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-09-09 03:15

    A fresh approach to building the American Semi Long. If you're interested in the slightest about building a laminated, glass backed ASL, this book should be in your "library" for frequent access. The chapter on perfecting the Swing Draw is worth the price of the book alone.

  • Sempertodd
    2019-09-03 04:25

    I have been reading and practicing traditional archery for over 30 years, this book is already a classic, that deserves to be listed with "witchery of Archery," "Hunting the Hard way", and "Fred Bear field notes".

  • gary ormand
    2019-09-08 23:35

    Very good and very informative.

  • charles graf
    2019-08-29 03:31

    Excellent book well written. It not only gives step by step directions for making an American longbow, but it shares the delight and inspiration of Nature as seen through the eyes of a hunter.

  • shick
    2019-08-28 05:25

    Finally, the how's and why's of the ASL; There are reasons bows that look identical do not perform that way and Steve thoroughly explains why. All the information we have gathered over the years are now contained in one book. Besides learning how to make the ASL, he also tells why its important to feel and be ' the bow'. Congratualtions Steve, you have a winner.