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Bright and likeable, seven year old Steven Stayner always listened to his mother Especially about talking to strangers But when soft spoken Reverend Parnell asked to speak with his mother about church, Steven guessed it would be okay Until he got into the man s car By then, it was too late.Held captive by convicted child molester Kenneth Eugene Parnell for seven years as his son Dennis, Steven was forced to endure abuse so terrible that he forgot his own name Parnell evaded a statewide search for Steven, keeping his young prisoner moving from one cheap motel to the next Finally, Steven made a desperate escape with five year old Timmy White, another kidnapped boy, returning home to their parents, then courageously testifying to convict Parnell for his inhuman crimes.The basis for the blockbuster TV movie, I Know My First Name is Steven is the compelling true account of Steven Stayner s seven years of horror and his parents who never gave up hope for his safe return It is also the complete, updated story of how Cary Stayner made headlines of his own as the cold blooded killer who terrorized Yosemite....

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I Know My First Name Is Steven (English Edition) Reviews

  • Andi
    2019-09-06 01:59

    The reason for the 3 stars only is the author Mike Echols. He tried only to make money of this story.Steven only got 30000 $ some weeks before he tragically died in a hit and run accident (the driver later got 90 days arrest for that!).I think, that the movie is the best way to introduce this story. In the book, you have a clear description what exactly happened to the 7 year old boy. He was raped in the hardest way someone can imagine. He bleeded after his new "father" sodomized him. He was forced to fellate his kidnapper every day for years. His Kidnapper later said, that he has raped the kid 3000 times over these 7 years!Steven was able to run away at the age of 14 after he recognised that his "father" kidnapped a new boy (5 year old Timmy) in order to rape him. He recognised that his new father was a kidnapper. Unfortunately he was not able to see that at the age of 7. He believed the lies of his kidnapper, that his parents have moved away, that they dont want him to come back to them. And he had no chance to see the truth. Here you can tragically see, what a huge force an adult could have over a little boy. He was told, that he has a new family and he had no chance to see the truth. It took 7 years to see the reality. He never knew that a "father" normally doesnt do such awful things with his "son" like this kidnapper has done with him.After these years Steven got to old for the kidnapper, he kidnapped another boy. Steven remarked, that 5 year old Timmy was told a simlar story. Everything came up and he tried to run away with little Timmy in order to prevent the kidnapper to force the 5 year old child to become his sex slave.I think that it is not good to read so detailed descriptions of what happened. For example Steven told the police, that the Kidnapper has forced him to suck on his penis till he ejaculated in the little boys mouth. It happened each night. Later he sodomized the boy. In the book you can read every detail for example how he prepared Steven with vaseline and how the boy cried and bleeded and so on.Kenneth Parnell got only 8 years and some months for these kidnappings. 7 years for Timmy and only 1 year and some months for Stevens kidnapping. After only 5 years he got free.Now he is in jail again. The very strange "3 strike law" had (in this case!!!) a very good effect. The kidmapper tried to buy a little child (4 years old) in order to live with him as his new family. Normally he would only get some months for this, but the 3 strike law in the USA leads to 25 years no matter what he has done these three times.Only 3 stars because of this strange author (he died in jail 2-3 years ago) and the fact, that the abuse shouldn't be so detailed.

  • None
    2019-08-18 04:58

    I gave this book one star because I couldn't give it zero stars. After seeing the movie I heard about this book by Echols. I wanted to know more about the entire story. I have been to this authors website and have seen how he deals with his book. This is an obvious attempt to JUST make money. Especially with the edition of a chapter that has NOTHING to do with the original book. This man is trying to capitalize on this families misfortune. Backed up by the moral majority and it's practices to declare war on sexual pretators. The website is nothing more than slandering of gay peoples names with the posting of their private street addresses and telephone numbers. Echols claims that these are all self proclaimed sexual pretadors. He accuses Cary Stayner of seeking the limelight in all of this when it is obvious to me that Mike Echols is the one seeking to make money and remain in the limelight. I would not suggest ever paying one dime for this book through Amazon or any other source. I would not support a company that supports abuse like Echols. Read up on this author before you spend money with him.

  • None
    2019-08-19 22:59

    I recently started reading the book "I Know My First Name Is Steven" and I found it to be very interesting. I also saw the movie by the same title and thought that was good too. After reading the book that John Walsh wrote about his son's kidnapping and murder, I realized that I wanted to know more about Steven Stayner who was kidnapped and raped for seven long years by Ken Parnell. Steven risked his own life to escape his captor and save not only his life but the life of young Timmy White who was also kidnapped by Ken Parnell. It's a shame that Steven's life ended so tragically because he did a lot of good by telling others about what he went through after he was kidnapped. Steven helped a lot of people with his story and his legacy and memory will live on forever.

  • None
    2019-09-07 00:38

    I bought the book instead and I was shocked. The violence is descibed very clear. Not so soft like in the movie. Here you see the real frustrating facts. A 7 years old boy with that history. Forced for oral sex till his kidnapper ejaculates in his mouth almost every day for years. Sodomized at that young age and forced to call his kidnapper dad.The real tragedy is to see how powerful an adult could be compared to a young child. Steven has no chance to get away.This book is not suitable for everyone. The violence scenes are described so realistic. I had to stop reading sometimes and to try again some days later.I never read such a shocking book!

  • None
    2019-08-29 00:46

    With his relentless insistence on the raw facts -- no matter how disturbing -- Echols annihilates the lie about sexual "boy lover". Echols exposes the level of treachery that the likes Kenneth Parnell will go to, to get (and in this case, keep) their "prey". I hope this book wakes some people up. Not for the squeamish.

  • robertto
    2019-09-11 22:39

    Wer die deutsche Sprachfassung haben möchte, einfach totalexperience at gmx punkt de kontaktieren. 180 Minuten Fassung auf deutsch. Toller Film.

  • None
    2019-08-24 04:53

    Besides the very flawed writing of the original book, to attach a chapter about Cary Stayner and the Yosemite Murders on the end in order to boost sales of a book that was completely unrelated is shameful and obscene. Steven Stayner deserves to be better remembered than this junk.