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Becoming a Barbarian won t teach you how to swing a battle axe or crush your enemies so that you can see them driven before you and then hear the lamentation of their women.Becoming a Barbarian is a follow up to Donovan s cult hit, The Way of Men Good, modern, civilized Western men today are expected to think like citizens of the world obligated to everyone and no one Natural, meaningful tribal connections have been substituted with synthetic, disposable consumer identities Without a sense of who they are and what group they have a place in, modern men are becoming increasingly detached, disoriented, vulnerable, and ever easily manipulated.Becoming a Barbarian attacks the emasculated emptiness of life in the modern West The Empire of Nothing and shows men how to think tribally again It reveals the weaknesses of universalistic thinking, and challenges readers to become the kind of men who could go all in and devote their lives to one group of people above all others Becoming a Barbarian is about finding a tribe, finding a purpose, and choosing to live the kind of life that undermines the narrative of the Empire....

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Becoming a Barbarian (English Edition) Reviews

  • HS
    2019-09-19 07:45

    I expected this book to be more like a rara book that will make men feel good when they read it and fill up something that they are lacking in their lifes. But it wasn't. Jack Donovan writes in a very clear and easy understandable way. He is to the point and when your read it, and it was an eye opener for me. For many, but especially 'the white western male' something is wrong in our modern world. But it is difficult to point out correctly what it is. It just doesn't feel right. This books explains very clear what is wrong, and why you feel like that. If you wonder where masculinity has gone to and why that is and what you can do about it to gain it back, this is the book for you. I would recommend every young man to read this. I read a lot of books but this is becoming one of my favorites.

  • Mag Andreas Habicher
    2019-09-28 04:23

    Jack Donovan raises important questions and answers them rightout - He paints a picture of our time and civilization that can't be refuted, and designs a concept of living for the future. Some of his suggestions are easy to accept, others are worthy of discussion and may well be rejected, but all of them are important, enriching thoughts worth exploring.You will not regret the time and money spent on this book.

  • New Dawn
    2019-10-12 10:24

    Dieses Buch ist eine gelungene Fortsetzung seines genialen "The Way of Men", das ja mittlerweile Kultstatus erlangte und sich zu einem kleinen Bestseller entwickelt hat. Man kann es aber auch ohne jegliche Vorkenntnisse lesen.Jack Donovan ist sowohl Theoretiker, als auch Praktiker. Er geht einen alternativen Weg, den er theoretisch und praktisch selbst erforscht. Es ist eine Entwicklung, die spannend und vielversprechend ist. Man könnte es auch ein individuell-kollektives Sozialexperiment nennen. Sinn und Zweck seiner Bestrebungen ist eine Möglichkeit zu finden, sich als Mann in dieser Welt des "Empire of Nothing" zu behaupten und dessen absehbaren Niedergang in einer entsprechenden Gruppe zu überleben."Der Weg des Mannes, ist der Weg in eine Gang" hat Donovan schon seit Jahren empfohlen. Damit meint er, daß sich die Männer in Gruppen unterschiedlichster Art und Intensität vernetzen bzw. organisieren sollen. Es sollen kleine, überschaubare Gruppen sein, die einander überlappen und ergänzen können. Voraussetzung hierfür ist die Entwicklung einer entsprechenden, männlichen Identität.In seinem neuen Buch liegt der Schwerpunkt in der daraus sich entwickelnden Notwendigkeit zur Bildung von Stämmen, als optimalen Einheiten zur Bewältigung der Gegenwart, wie zukünftiger Krisen.Donovan steht für eine Abkopplung vom gegenwärtigen System des globalen Universalismus ("Empire of Nothing"), soweit dies irgend möglich ist. Der Stamm ist die optimale Größe dafür, da aufgrund unserer uralten biologischen Prägung dies eine überschaubare, aber leistungsfähige Gemeinschaft. ist, in der man sich gegenseitig stärkt und voranbringt und in Notfällen Rückhalt hat.Ein Überleben im kommenden Niedergang wird nur im - überschaubaren - Kollektiv möglich sein. Größe, Beschaffenheit und Mitgliedschaft sind die Themen, denen sich Donovan widmet. Es ist ein Prozeß eines Selbstversuches, dessen Entwicklung vorgezeichnet, aber längst nicht abgeschlossen ist.Bemerkenswert ist, daß hier eine echte Alternative entwickelt wird, die tatsächlich in der realen Welt praktizierbar ist. Voraussetzung ist, daß man vor allem die Entscheidung zwischen "wir" und "den anderen" treffen kann. Was dem Stamm nützt ist gut, was ihm schadet, ist schlecht: "Not our people, not our problem". Der Stamm muß insofern auch eine gewisse Homogenität besitzen. Die Crew eines "Raumschiffes Enterprise" z.b. wäre bestimmt nicht dazu geeignet, da sie ein utopisches, naturwidriges Phantasieprodukt darstellt.Mitglied kann man werden, solange eine Größenordnung nicht überschritten ist. Ansonsten erfolgt die Gründung eines weiteren Stammes. Solche Stämme gibt es natürlich schon in der Wirklichkeit in den unterschiedlichsten Ausprägungen, die mehr oder weniger dem von Donovan Geforderten entsprechen. Donovan selbst gehört einem Stamm an, den er stetig weiter zu entwickeln bestrebt ist.In dem Buch ist natürlich genau beschrieben, was Donovan unter einem "Barbaren" versteht und warum diesem die Zukunft gehört. Es fällt auf, daß Donovans Weg immer wieder positive Ansätze hervorbringt, die in die Zukunft gerichtet sind. Er lamentiert nicht so sehr über die gegenwärtige Niedergangsgesellschaft, über den globalen Kapitalismus, den ausufernden, kraakenhaften Staat oder die multikulturelle Katastrophe, sondern zeigt einen realistischen gangbaren Weg, dem immer mehr Gleichgesinnte zu folgen gewillt sind.Vielleicht ist Donovans Weg unsere einzige Chance den sich am fernen Horizont abzeichnenden Untergang zu überleben.

  • postman.
    2019-10-11 08:25

    Jack Donovan criticizes very emotionally the ideology of Political correctness which is currently flanking the globalisation and choking our societies. This is helpful. He promotes tribalism as a solution.This ancient concept had been wiped out from the western world by the industrial revolutions of the 19. and centuries.Tribes are unable to produce roads, cars, guns or even a light bulb.By the way, living in a tribe is not a solution as he suggest, except maybe for the tribemaster. The others ended more or less in bootlicking prospect-minionships torturing the more weaker gang-members. Whoever was a member of a sect, in a students league or in military service knows this culture.Btw. who want's to know how his concept works in modern societies just google Japan uchi / soto approach. And even there, people are dying lonely.

  • Cbul
    2019-10-05 05:19

    It's definitely worth the read, though it uses unnecessarily flowery language at times and has a number of typos. I've held a lot of respect for Jack Donovan (and still do, make no mistake) since I read The Way of Men in June of 2016. I find his views about the decline (and our desperate need to revitalize) masculinity bold and thought-provoking.That said, I wasn't quite as big a fan of this book as I was of The Way of Men.I loved reading about the Empire of Nothing. I found it to be a perfect illustration of what we've become: complacent, slothful, and comfortable to a disgusting degree, a gaggle of marshmallow drones measuring each others' worth in gold and purchased trinkets rather than deeds. If we can be bothered to do any measuring in between stuffing our faces and staring at our idiot boxes, that is.Donovan purports that the only way out of the Empire's Matrix is to reject the rules said empire has laid out for us, primarily the social customs and standards that seek to control men, and which make "good man" and "good dog" into synonymous phrases. I'm fine with that to a point, but then he talks about taking care of your own and telling the rest of the world to screw off (again, not a bad thing in itself), to the point of advocating the leeching of tax dollars in order to benefit your own people. He actually says several times that a barbarian must be willing to take care of his own even at the expense of all others, even if it means attacking and stealing from other "tribes" should the needs of your own tribe be dire enough (or even if you just want to). That, by the way, is where I draw the line.I do see plenty of merit in the idea of a tribe as Donovan outlines; the idea of being accountable to a small group of people certainly seems far more feasible and practical than attempting to be accountable to the whole world. I can't get on board with the idea of causing harm to strangers because the spoils would benefit my tribe, though. That sounds frighteningly analogous to the types of roving bandits you see raping and plundering the helpless in post-apocalyptic fiction (the book even has a chapter about looting and plundering). Because of that, I am certain that I could never be a member of Jack's tribe.That's fine, though, because that's the whole point of the book: Jack does not give a single, solitary crap about any negative opinions I have of him or the Wolves of Vinland. I am not his brother, as he is not mine, and were we to meet in person, I have no doubt we would be able to have a civil discussion and even a few laughs, but we would probably have irreconcilable differences that would prevent us from ever reaching the point of brotherhood. In a survival scenario, he and his tribe would kill my tribe and me if we had food and they didn't.Ultimately, you have to decide what you will take and what you will leave from this one. As for me, I agree with about 80% of what Jack said, and as I mentioned, I still respect him and would pounce on an opportunity to meet him.If you decide to go out and club a random dude over the head with a bat because a short book vaguely alluded to the idea of doing so, that's your prerogative.

  • Monte Cristo
    2019-09-21 09:16

    Great book. Agreed with just about everything, except one.Donovan talks disparagingly about 'intellectuals.' Judging by the contexts he uses the term in, his definition of an intellectual is more or less a high IQ beta male in a tweed jacket with a bow tie, dispensing leftist b.s. from an ivory tower, or trading snobbish jokes at Upper Manhattan cocktail parties.There's something to that caricature but there's also plenty of counter-examples; like Nietzsche, who was clearly an inspiration for Donovan's books. Or Carlyle, Kipling, etc. Donovan's an intellectual too (a musclebound one), and he's clearly spent a lot of time thinking about these things, and thought about them more deeply than most, which is basically the definition of an intellectual. He's a smart guy, and it shows. And he's right on just about everything.

  • Reaper-1-3
    2019-09-15 07:27

    This is another amazing book by an amazing author. Jack Donovan doesn't pull his punches whatsoever, he articulates everything extremely well and yet keeps it all very interesting as well as inspiring. You need to buy all his books especially if you have a son that is creeping into adulthood

  • Barbarian
    2019-09-15 06:16

    This book goes beyond the typical male empowerment books you may find. It helps reminds us what evolution has crafted and what our biology knows ( even if we are in some state of denial). It isn't a gentle read, and that is exactly why you should.

  • The Turk
    2019-10-15 02:40

    Interesting and thought provoking. Ive since read a few more of Mr. Donovans books. I agree with a lot of his thinking, though not all of it. And Unfortunately, I'm a bit too much of a fat, broken old marshmallow to be and Alpha dog. But I've supported the "Tribe" concept have my own tribe, and have been part of modern neo-tribalism for over 30 years. Read his books with an open mind. There is a lot of wisdom here. Cherry pick if you must, but do so for the right reasons. be pragmatic about it, and don't do it out of "Ideological purity" for Jah sake. Look up the rest of his cannon.