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Corinna Chapman, talented baker and reluctant investigator, is trying very hard to do nothing at all on her holidays Her gorgeous Daniel is only intermittently at her side he s roaming the streets tracking down a multi thousand dollar corporate theft Jason, her baking offsider, has gone off to learn how to surf And Kylie and Goss are fulfilling their lives ambition auditioning for a soap It should be a time of quiet reflection for Corinna but quiet reflection doesn t seem to suit her she s bored.Scenting a whiff of danger, Corinna accepts an offer from a caterer friend to do the baking for the film set of a new soap called Kiss the Bride The soap in which Kylie and Goss have parts Twists and turns and complications that could only happen to Corinna ensue involving, bizarrely, nursery rhymes and a tiger called Tabitha.While on the other side of town, a young woman is being unmercifully bullied by her corporate employers employers who spend a lot of time cooking the books....

Title : Cooking the Books (Corinna Chapman) (English Edition)
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Cooking the Books (Corinna Chapman) (English Edition) Reviews

  • freo
    2019-08-23 23:37

    Unterhaltsam, wenn sich auch die einzelnen Bände oft sehr ähneln. Ohne Gewalt, aber mit sozialem Engagement für Aussenseiter. Leichte unterhaltsame Kost.

  • S. D.
    2019-08-23 03:19

    This is the last book (so far...the author has promised that she's finishing up the next one) in the usually delightful Corrina Chapman series. If you have enjoyed the previous books, you might want to prepare yourself for reading this one. Things are...different. The bakery is closed for the holiday, so most of the action takes place elsewhere. Corrina allows herself to be blackmailed (for a very weak reason) into helping an old school mate with the catering for a television series that Kylie and Goss have gotten roles on. Jason is on holiday and only reappears later in the book, having lost some of the maturity he's gained over the course of the series. We meet up with the other inhabitants of Insula (the delightfully funky apartment building where Corrina lives and works) only briefly, if at all. And Daniel....oh, Daniel. He is still Corrina's tall, dark and handsome Australian/Israeli lover, but he is far less competent as an investigator in this book, as well as having forgotten his own history. (Minor spoiler for anyone who hasn't read the previous books: Daniel is a widower, his wife having been killed by a suicide bomber just a few months after they were married.) In this book, he and Corrina are discussing marriage (in general, not to each other) and he talks about how his fiancee was killed before they could be married.Continuity issues aside, this book felt like everything went to pieces once our usual cast of characters was allowed to escape their usual stomping grounds. The "mystery" at the television studio is boring, and the "mystery" that Daniel is investigating - while more interesting - is written in a more slapdash manner. The whole book reads more like a draft than a final manuscript. Let's hope that Kerry Greenwood comes to her senses and puts everyone back where they belong in the next book.

  • Kim E. Power
    2019-08-21 00:15

    Having been a fan of Phryne Fiaher, I don't know how I missed Greenwood's Corrina Chapman series for so long. I have enjoyed the luxury, though, I reading them quickly in sequence. It does mean the back stories become a little repetitive, but the series is such a delight, it was not a major problem. I did notice a typo or two in this Kindle edition. The author deserves better from her publishers.If you are looking for a reading feast, this series offers it. A terrific cast headed by Corrina, with Daniel her beloved, and all the inhabitants of the Insula building. What I love is how the style of each novel reflects the context of the mysteries deciphered in each book. In this one, the setting includes the filming of a soap opera, which genre is co-opted in the denouements. I enjoy the blossoming of the characters, especially, Jason. Funnily enough, although evil and spite abound, the tenor of the books is restful, because we experience the story through Corrina's eyes, and she is a person at peace with herself.I can't recommend this series too highly if you enjoy well written, erudite mysteries with nuanced characters and intricate plots.

  • D. Barge
    2019-09-08 05:30

    Corinna Chapman is back in COOKING THE BOOKS, the sixth, (and last?) in a mystery series by Kerry Greenwood, who also writes the Phryne Fisher series. Corinna is a plus size bread baker and former accountant office drone in Melbourne, Australia. She has closed her bakery for a month after the Christmas holidays, sent her apprentice Jason off to the beach, and intends to rest and read while Daniel investigates a case of missing bearer bonds. Before she has time to get bored, an old school acquaintance asks her to fill in doing baking for a TV soap series. Corinna has little interest in soap stars but takes the job in part to keep an eye on Kylie and Goss, her part-time clerks who have landed parts on the show.Arrogant corporate bosses, a down-on-his-luck homeless man, temperamental TV stars and film makers, and a dangerous tiger create a whirlwind of activity that Corinna confidently sails into and sorts into order.If you dislike having your mind challenged with occasional literary references, and opinionated ideals, you might not like this series, but they are secondary to the complex plot and interesting story. It can be hard to find truly good writers and this book is a pleasure and a treasure, one to keep and re-read."

  • K. O'Neil
    2019-08-25 23:21

    As usual Kerry Greenwood delivers a tale of comfort and mystery.Comfort in the persons of Corinna Chapman, her Daniel (although I missed Jason a bit) and the residents of her stunning apartment building. I want my own Daniel, I want to live in Insula, I want to be able to buy my bread from Earthly Delights, I want to walk Corinna's version of Melbourne... sigh... and it's even more comfortable in that Kerry (through Corinna) likes so many of the same things I do.Actually it's several mysteries... the dead soap star and the missing bearer bonds. These two mysteries weave in and out as Corinna and Daniel follow the leads but they never clash... And, of course, whether Kylie and Goss will actually eat anything...I have a hard time putting any of Kerry Greenwood's Corinna or Phryne books down and I'm thoroughly delighted to find them for my Kindle! I rarely re-read books but Kerry Greenwood's have joined Georgette Heyer, David Weber, Andre Norton, David Drake and half a dozen others on my permanent re-read list... and on my Kindle!