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With than three million copies sold of the English edition of Everyones Way of the Cross, the Spanish edition of this perennial bestseller, El Va Crucis Para Todos, will find a welcome home with the than thirty million Latino Catholics now in the United States For almost fifty years, the simple, intimate, and powerful words of Clarence Enzlers perennially bestselling Stations of the Cross booklet have invited readers to grow closer to Christ by embracing the mystery of suffering in the world Beautiful, bold commissioned woodcuts by Annika Nelson and her mother Gertrud Mueller Nelson help us meditate on the passion and death of Christ and to see how Christ is among usoften in unexpected places Also available in English, this booklet is ideal for private study and for parish wide distribution for Lenten observance of Stations of the Cross....

Title : El Vía Crucis Para Todos
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Format Type : Audio Book
Language : Spanisch
Publisher : Ave Maria Press Auflage Second 27 Januar 2014
Number of Pages : 504 Pages
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El Vía Crucis Para Todos Reviews

  • Sean Ares Hirsch
    2019-08-21 01:58

    In all honesty, this small book offers real deep insight into the Stations of the Cross. Stations of the Cross is a very moving service in itself, but this devotion takes it a step further. We are exposed to a closer look at each station. Also, we are given an oppurtunity to see how each of the individual stations applies to everyday life. This belongs in the library of any Roman Catholic or Anglo Catholic. In my opinion, Edward the Confessor and the blessed Anglican Martyr Charles Stuart would have loved this dearly.

    2019-08-19 05:32

    This book is an excellent resource for Lent as it combines historic events with a response for today. Although some explanation may be helpful when used by Protestants, it can deepen the understanding of the worshippers while calling them to a greater commitment to living a Christ directed life. The photography heightens the impact of the words.

    2019-08-30 00:50

    This is a beautiful reflection on the stations. I remember using it in Catholic grade school. How very sad that it was neutered by the feminists at Notre Dame and who so maliciously try to destroy any reference to MAN in the Church today!

  • P. Thomas
    2019-08-26 01:31

    So disappointing. The original booklet with its somber, mood setting black and white photography is a classic. I can't believe someone thought it would be a good idea to replace all that with the silly, badly executed and inappropriate illustrations in this new version.If anyone knows where I can get a set of the originals, please contact me.

  • Brenda Case
    2019-08-28 02:31

    This is the third time I have purchased this booklet. My first time was just for me and I really liked the cover and pictures inside which were black and white but soft that gave me comfort. Last year I purchased multiple copies to give to a Women's group I am involved with. The cover and pictures were updated but yet still black, gray and white pictures. I was okay with the change. This year I purchased again multiple copies and notice that it is this new cover and pictures all changed which are harsh looking to me. I do not like this booklet with these changes. Readings and meanings are good which is the point but I still prefer the old style.

  • KB
    2019-08-20 03:48

    This is the best guide I have found for praying the Stations of the Cross. This version helped me to better understand how to connect my life experiences directly to each event on Jesus' Way of the Cross. Praying with this guide has given me a greater appreciation for this beautiful devotion and the lessons I can learn from it each time I make this prayerful pilgrimage with Jesus. I pray this devotion year-round, but especially during Lent.Note: The woodcut images provided for each station reflect modern events. Instead of these, I prefer to reflect on images of Jesus such as these paintings from St Ignatius Catholic Church in San Francisco:

  • Stefanie M Fuller
    2019-09-02 04:32

    Not the version I wanted. Wish I could have read 1 page before I had to buy it so I could have know that it was not the one we use in my church.

  • H. M. Behrens
    2019-09-18 03:51

    Used in an ecumenical worship in a Catholic Church,, this traditional Stations of the Cross devotional introduced this ancient Catholic practice with modern language and prayerful responses that enhanced our community service of 5 denominations - Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, UCC, and Catholic. Great resource..