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The Rust Programming Language is the official book on Rust, an open source, community developed systems programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety This is the undisputed go to guide to Rust, written by two members of the Rust core team, with feedback and contributions from 42 members of the community The book assumes that youve written code in another programming language but makes no assumptions about which one, meaning the material is accessible and useful to developers from a wide variety of programming backgrounds Known by the Rust community as The Book, The Rust Programming Language includes concept chapters, where youll learn about a particular aspect of Rust, and project chapters, where youll apply what youve learned so far to build small programs The Book opens with a quick hands on project to introduce the basics then explores key concepts in depth, such as ownership, the type system, error handling, and fearless concurrency Next come detailed explanations of Rust oriented perspectives on topics like pattern matching, iterators, and smart pointers, with concrete examples and exercises taking you from theory to practice The Rust Programming Language will also show you how to Grasp important concepts unique to Rust, like ownership, borrowing, and lifetimes Use Cargo, Rusts built in package manager, to build and maintain your code, including downloading and building dependencies Effectively use Rusts zero cost abstractions and employ your own Youll learn to develop reliable code thats speed and memory efficient, while avoiding the infamous and arcane programming pitfalls common at the systems level When you need to dive down into lower level control, this guide will show you how without taking on the customary risk of crashes or security holes and without requiring you to learn the fine points of a fickle toolchain Youll also learn how to create command line programs, build single and multithreaded web servers, and much The Rust Programming Language fully embraces Rusts potential to empower its users This friendly and approachable guide will help you build not only your knowledge of Rust but also your ability to program with confidence in a wider variety of domains....

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The Rust Programming Language Reviews

  • gb
    2019-09-17 03:37

    This book is a very good introduction to the Rust programming language. Rust is viewed by many as a language with a steep learning curve, but this book turns that into a longer but flatter curve by explaining the fundamentals step-by-step and building up your knowledge about the language in a coherent way. This helped me to become productive with the language quickly. This approach is particularly good for beginners that are already proficient in other programming languages and tend to try to do too much too soon, potentially resulting in a frustrating experience.In my experience, the book does not work very well as a reference once one has learned the fundamentals, but this is not really what this book this for. This book is only for learning Rust efficiently, and at that is does a 5 stars job. Once you finish it there are better resources to use as a reference and continue progressing with the language.

  • John G Coulson
    2019-09-23 05:44

    I've got the book. I have installed RUST, written the "Hello" and compiled and run works. Now I have installed CARGO. It just keeps an working.The best part is, I am not out of chapter one and there are another 19 chapters. The book is SUBSTANTIAL.So far its easy reading, sample code on every page and no academic fluffiness to be seen.The online RUST documentation is great (very similar to book) but I can read the book in bed or out in sun and take a break from the screen.

  • andre1sk
    2019-10-16 04:34

    Rust is not the easiest language to grok but this book makes it as simple as possible

  • Dylan MCNAMEE
    2019-09-15 08:35

    Very nice book describing this innovative programming language.

  • Mark Dunn
    2019-09-23 06:25

    I didn't get a chance to read the first edition and have been told by some other friends that are into Rust that the second edition is a noticeable improvement. I especially appreciate the coverage of error handling in chapter 9. The authors do a very thorough job with that topic and their explanations were easy for me to understand. The examples are very good. I took some time to work through this book and at the end of the story I've become a fan of the Rust Programming Language.

  • M. K.
    2019-09-15 04:24

    This book is an example of how programming books should be!If you are unaware, the content of this book is available online as a part of the excellent documentation related to the Rust Programming Language.This, combined with the Rust By Example make for a rock solid introduction to the Rust lang for all levels of expertise.