Buyers Agent needed for Mesa Gilbert, AZ.

Mesa Gilbert, AZ l James Fakeri l Prequalified buyer wanting to buy ASAP.

Please email me at [email protected]

Listing Agent needed for Vail, AZ.

Vail, AZ l Joe Jarusinsky l I need a GREAT Listing Agent for a Client in Vail, AZ.

Please email your pitch to me at [email protected] Thanks! Viper Joe Jarusinsky, Keller Williams Realty, Austin, Tx.

Listing Agent needed for Douglas, AZ.

Douglas, AZ l Johnny Utah l I have 3 properties in Douglas AZ area i would like to sell. Does any one work that are that would like to sell these for me ?

Please email me at jonhiatt1@ gmail. com

Listing Agent needed for Phoenix, AZ.

Phoenix, AZ l Clariza Favela-Varney l Spanish speaking agent needed in the Phoenix Arizona area for clients looking to sell, not sure if they are also looking to buy.

Email is [email protected]


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Buyers Agent needed for Phoenix, AZ.

Phoenix, AZ l Sabrina Covington l Hi, I’m looking for a good buyers agent to assist my cousin with a purchase. Both buyers are in the finance field and they will need a strong lender contact as well. Thanks! 

This Referral has been filled.  Thank you

Buyers Agent needed for Prescott, AZ.

Prescott, AZ l Stephanie Sandoval l I need a Buyers agent for Prescott Az area – Im in Phoenix and don’t work there –

Please email Stephanie Sandoval at [email protected]

Buyers Agent needed for Prescott, AZ.

Prescott, AZ l Keith Schmidt l I have a buyer referral for the Prescott Az. Area. Someone with experience in land and construction properties for retiring California baby boomers.

Conact Keith at [email protected]

Buyers Agent needed for AZ.

Arizona l Courtney Ramirez-Realtor‎ l CASH BUYER!!!!! I am looking for a newer home on 1+ least 3000 sq feet, $250-350k. anywhere in Arizona!

If you know of a property like this, please contact me asap!! Thank you! 520-252-9640

Listing Agent needed for Globe, AZ.

Globe, AZ l Carol Verdicchio‎ l I have a listing referral for Globe AZ.

Please contact me – [email protected]